Who I am:

I am Missy. I am an artist, designer, and marketing guru. I thrive off of creative challenges and my passion is creating and developing brand experiences that leave your user feeling understood, and energized.

My favorite color is teal, ice cream is vanilla, and I like my coffee strong with a splash of sweet cream. 

What I do:

  • Brand Design and Development
  • Marketing & Design Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Social Strategy
  • Digital and Analog Design Layouts and Graphics
  • Vendor Management (Trade Show design, Print, Agencies/Outsourced Talent)
  • Marketing and Sales Support Materia
  • Content Marketing
  • User-centered Design
  • Stakeholder Communication
  • Content Strategy

What I’m Learning:

  • User Experience Design
  • Figma/XD/ Sketch
  • HTML/CSS basics

Check out this blog on my process.



I love being faced with a variety of needs and challenges. Some of my clients have no idea what a vector is and need help all the way down to a Facebook profile picture, while many are web developers who just need help with a logo and a color palette.


Lumi’s Branding Experience

Lumi empowers teen girls to enhance their mental wellness through expressive art challenges and community support. “Lumi” stems from luminescence and they needed a bright logo for their young female audience. I feel so lucky to have gotten to work with this client- I know they’re going to change the world. 

How I served Lumi:

  • Created the Lumi Logo
  • Designed multiple custom icon sets
  • Designed the cardboard box which which holds the art supplies when mailed
  • Took and edited product photos
  • Provided guidance on how to structure the site

Visit FindLumi.com to see all of my branding in action!

Morgan Haye’s Fitness

Morgan is a local wellness coach. While she is great at posting online tips, the logo she had was dated and hard to print on apparel. I helped her develop a brand that displayed her mission, blurring the line of strength and wellness. I made icons for her to use in her digital online training programs and did a branding shoot so she had fresh images for promotions.

Sticker Designs

All my stickers stems from my own ideas (with the exception of commissioned pet photos), which I get printed and posted on my Etsy store for sale. These are just a few of my designs. Most of them I design in Illustrator, while some have been drawn on my iPad Pro with Procreate and an Apple Pencil.

Promo Video 

CodeMash is a large tech conference where I am both hired for design services, but also volunteer each year to help the planning committee. Before the conference starts,  I chose a theme and redesign a logo specific to each year. From there, I help the stage crew, sponsors, and volunteers work to theme incorporate the theme in as many elements as possible. When the conference finally arrives, I take photography during the event (for promotional uses), as well as headshots for the speakers. 

A few years ago, a promotional video was requested. I write the script, hired talent to shoot the footage, helped direct what b-roll we needed, and managed the editor. It was very important that this video matched the overall vibe of the conference, as our outside vendors we hired to help, had never been there before.